"Our instincts as professionals take over when we are met with a complex set of challenges. No amount of compromise will ever substitute the quality and value of our profession."

We are a digital media production company aimed at creating visual media pieces for corporate, promotional, and entertainment purposes.

Our Objective

Our objective is to address, adapt, assert and achieve successfully the needs and requests of our clientele not to enhance our reputation solely, but most importantly to enhance our client's reputation as a credible, legitimate, and valuable asset to their community.

Visual media is an extremely effective marketing tool when produced efficiently, and we work closely and carefully with our clientele on determining the most efficient strategy in achieving that goal.

About Us


Owner Dan Hostler is a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas with an AAS degree in Video Production with concentration in videography and post production design. He has worked in the industry since 2005 and has worked with a diverse plethora of clients throughout his career.

Born and raised in Fort Worth, he started off with a wild imagination and a desire to create. In his humble beginnings, Dan first externalized his imagination though the simplest of things: drawing and Legos. The influence and inspiration of the right music and movies would later evolve him to do more in the arts. Combined with the wills of hard work and persistent determination Dan found his niche in the media production industry. He created DH Digital Media in 2010 as a means to externalize his talent and creativity while serving both his clients and community.

In 2011, Dan Hostler directed and co-produced his first short form documentary feature "Servant of Midnight: Ten Years of Rocket Radio" which was screened in Dallas. He has also worked as a spotlight operator for the Dallas Stars and served as a stagehand for Lady Gaga.

In his off time away from work, Hostler attends many musical concerts and is an avid hockey fan. He is a season ticket holder for the Dallas Stars.

Our Services

DH Digital Media covers a wide range of media production services, including but not limited to:

  • Video Production (including shooting, editing and motion graphics)
  • Photographic Manipulation
  • DVD Authoring
  • Duplication and Digitization
  • To contact DH Digital Media for our services, please call at (817) 899-8659 or e-mail at dan@danhostler.com

    Contact Us!

    To contact DH Digital Media for our services, please call at (817) 899-8659 or e-mail at dan@danhostler.com

    Also, please check out our other sites such as our Vimeo, Linkedin, Instagram, TAMMP profile, and our Production Hub profile by clicking one of the buttons on the top of the page.